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The Rise of Mainstream Ethnic Supremacy

Ethnic supremacy is on the rise and does, indeed, pose an existential threat to the United States. However, contrary to what Joe Biden recently claimed without any shred of evidence, the new deleterious ethnic supremacy regime is not "white."

2005 photograph of Nation of Islam Leader "Minister" Louis Farrakhan (right), with three of his family members, two-term former POTUS Barack Obama (center), and Union Temple Baptist Church Rev. Willie F. Wilson Jr.

No modern American in their right mind believes that ethnic supremacy — in any form — is acceptable. In fact, it's probably safe to say that nearly all Americans abhor the the concept of favoring or disfavoring a person or group of people by virtue of some immutable biological trait like skin color. Such overt racism has been abhorrent to most Americans since the early 1960s when vast sentiment and sweeping federal Civil Rights legislation reflected the ideals espoused by Martin Luther King, Jr. who pined for the day when individual Americans would be judged solely by the content of their character.

Surely even the evangelical left — quick to share the pithy musings of “pastors” such as John Pavlovitz, who is, to this day, still schismatically condemning supporters of the former POTUS, and even quicker to cite New Testament Scripture to falsely equate the life of Jesus Christ with abjectly failed political philosophies like socialism and newly invented highly subjective virtues like “tolerance” — have read passages like James 2:1-7 condemning the “sin” of partiality. Indeed, weights and measures (read “standards”) applied deceptively depending upon a recipient’s immutable group identity or biological trait as a practice has been considered “detestable” and an “abomination” as far back as Old Testament times. (See, e.g., ESV versions of Deuteronomy 25:13, Proverbs 11:1, 20:10, etc.).

With this cultural backdrop, one would hope to safely assume that the USA has moved far beyond the days of institutionalized ethnic preferences into an era where all individuals are judged, not by some fixed superficial biological characteristic, but by proven character and achievement. Unfortunately this is not the 2021 United States in which we live — not by a long shot. In fact during a recent press conference commemorating the centennial anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, the 46th President of the United States Joe Biden claimed that “white supremacists” are the “most lethal threat” to the United States.

If you've been alive and conscious for the past 20 years in America, and you are reading these incredulous claims from Biden for the first time, you may have just spit out your coffee. You may be thinking: "It’s 2021, statistically speaking there are approaching zero white supremacists engaging in “lethal” behavior, let alone significant activity at all." Indeed, Project 21 Co-Chair Horace Cooper recently called Biden’s claim about white supremacy “a flat falsehood” that had no evidentiary support. On the other hand, independent journalist Andy Ngo (who was, himself, recently brutalized by left-wing Antifa militants) during the past month alone, has reported well over thirty[1] violent and deadly robberies, assaults, and mass shootings targeting black, white, and overwhelmingly Asian-American civilians and law enforcement officials carried out by black suspects along with Antifa and Black Lives Matter agitators across the country. This will come as no surprise to anyone who was awake during the second half of 2020 when BLM riots across the nation caused unprecedented injury and destruction to hundreds of US cities and countless individuals, including thousands of police officers.

While observers in possession of their mental faculties are well-served to liken Biden’s absurd claims about the current threat posed by “white supremacy” to sightings of Nessie, Bigfoot, Slender Man, Little Green Men, the Bogeyman, the Babadook, the Easter Bunny, The Blessed Mother Mary, Trump/Russia Collusion, or any number of unhinged myths that include the former POTUS teargassing peaceful protesters for a photo-op that masquerade for news these days, Biden’s baseless claims make complete sense if you are a member of, what I’ll call, the Church of Woke, or “COW.” This is a church with an unassailable priesthood — Ibram X. Kendi, Robin DiAngelo, and Ta-Nehisi Coates. Its bishops include public school administrators, teachers, and university staff who inculcate the sponge minds of youths with antiracism training and critical race theory. This church even has a militia arm in the form of crusading regional Black Lives Matter and Antifa cells. I would be remiss to leave out COW’s vast propaganda factory — it’s praise and worship team comprised of mainstream media outlets— that deceptively market COW’s repackaged Marxist ideology as merely “racial sensitivity training.” Most alarmingly, the COW is state-sponsored.

The core tenet of COW ideology is that “whiteness” is an all-powerful force of racist oppression. Therefore, if you happen to have white skin, you are powerful and privileged, regardless of conditions on the ground (for instance, if you are destitute and jobless). If you have white skin, you are inherently evil. If you have white skin, you are inherently racist. If you have white skin, you are inherently an oppressor. If you are white and object to possessing any of these awful attributes, you are an unrepentant racist. If you are a "person of color," you are ascendant, unless you are complicit in upholding structures of “whiteness.”

“Whiteness” is not limited to individuals with white skin, “whiteness” includes capitalism, objectivity, neutral principles, meritocracy, individualism, personal responsibility, logical reasoning, equal opportunity, standardized testing, etc. Salvation from one’s “white” biological brand can only be attained through actively rejecting one’s “whiteness” through constantly and openly mouthing utterances affirming anti-racist and critical race ideology and mirroring COW’s constantly shifting priorities and conspiracy theories. To remain silent is contemptible complicity with “whiteness,” and therefore racist. To question this ideology is damnable racism. To dissent with this ideological structure is irredeemably racist. This fallacious dichotomy of “whiteness” vs. “non-whiteness” or “racism” vs. “anti-racism” is cribbed almost entirely from the historically proven failed communist ideology promulgated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Christopher Rufo (pictured above with his family) has spear-headed the lion's share of research exposing Critical Race Theory for the unmitigated racist propaganda that it is along with many of the efforts across States to limit the indoctrination of children with CRT programming in schools.

It should now be obvious to sentient readers that the ideology espoused by the Church of Woke is overtly racist — those who "pass as white" have immutable negative characteristics and traits that attach by virtue of an immutable biological process of skin pigmentation. Accordingly, this poisonous ideology uproots every United States freedom ideal reflected by the “magnificent words of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence…” — freedom documents that Martin Luther King, Jr. once described as “… a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.” Indeed, the state sponsored programming promulgated by COW violates nearly every principle of justice set out in 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the First Amendment’s judicially constructed proscription of compelled speech.

To its credit, COW does attempt to put forward evidence to substantiate its crackpot racist theories about the inherent evils of “whiteness.” This is perhaps the only differentiating feature between the overtly racist teachings of the Church of Woke and those promulgated by the Nation of Islam (“NOI”). If you’ve ever read Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism” or Ibram X. Kendi’s “How To Be An Anti-Racist,” it becomes immediately clear that their “evidence” is nothing more than anecdotal retellings of some ancient historical atrocity — like the murder of Emmet Till — that took place over 75 years ago, but as if it happened today, that segues into generalized discussions of disparities in incarceration rates and/or economic outcomes between “black and brown folks” and “whites” during the present day. These discussions always rely on broad fallacious logic and anachronisms so as to ignore inconvenient statistics tending to show that minority Asian and Nigerian American immigrant groups frequently outperform “whites” in nearly every metric relied upon by the COW clergy, which, in turn, completely undermines the validity of the Woke Priesthood’s teachings about present-day "whiteness" as the root of racial disparities. And while the COW frequently denounces the US’s deteriorating capitalist economy (woke capitalism is not capitalism), the Church always ignores the fact that black Americans alone have spending power that ranks in the top 10% of international GDP. Indeed, if black Americans formed their own ethno-state (as actually promoted by many NOI and COW adherents, as well as, ironically, actual white supremacists), their GDP as of 2014 would be ranked 16th in the world.

The COW's focus on disparity of outcomes is clearly an outgrowth of its communist leanings, and anyone with siblings can likely attest that even those who grow up in the same household with the same education, and with the same economic and parental resources, often have vastly divergent socioeconomic outcomes in life. One sibling might develop a multimillion dollar real-estate empire, while another might live paycheck to paycheck working a mid-management role in the service industry, while yet another might constantly struggle with substance abuse and poverty. Thomas Sowell, in works like Basic Economics, has written extensively about the futility of attributing group disparities to race, and has culled extensive data to show that disparities among racial groups are almost always the outgrowth of decisions made by individuals influenced by family culture and dynamics.

Aside from the Church of Woke’s feeble attempts to justify its overt racism through evidence more brittle than a plywood foundation set upon a tropical sandy shoreline, its racist ideology is nearly identical to that of The Nation of Islam. While COW relies upon hasty generalization and false dichotomy sophistry derived from ancient historical anecdotes to promote its vicious brand of present-day racism, NOI just blames the Jews. NOI preaches that whites are violent “blue-eyed devil” mongrels created by an evil Jewish wizard named Yacub to disrupt “The Original People’s [the black race]” 6,000 year period of paradise — seriously, think L. Ron Hubbard paperback sci-fi (“Scientology”), but even more bizarre and infinitely more racist. NOI is further premised upon creating a black-only ethno-state. Farrakhan has gone so far as to claim that that blacks must unite to form their own country within the United States or die. These are actual teachings perpetuated by NOI leader, Louis Farrakhan, to this day. If you don’t believe me, watch this clip from mainstream CBS/Viacom employee who still has a job, Nick Cannon, explaining in July 2020 that, according to Farrakhan, white people are “evil,” “closer to animals” and “true savages” by virtue of not having “the power of the sun” (i.e., melanin).

This mainstream black supremacist ideology extends to corporate America in 2021. Indeed, during Black History Month, on February 5, 2021, Birmingham, Alabama based Shipt — the grocery home delivery service company that was purchased by Target in December 2017 — published a video on its website proclaiming that its black employees are “magical” and have “superpowers” by virtue of their melanin. Target supports this racist ideology with its wallet as it committed on April 7, 2021 to spending $2 Billion dollars exclusively on “Black-Owned Businesses” in addition to creating an exclusive Target support “team” available only to “Black-Owned Business” vendors during the next 4 years. Have the requisite skin color? Corporate America has billions of dollars and entire support staffs dedicated exclusively to you by virtue of your immutable biology. And it’s not just Target, it’s Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Adidas, Walmart — name a major corporation, and you will likely find that it has bags of cash waiting for you so long as you have the requisite “black or brown” skin color. Of course, most of these companies will claim they are favoring black and brown individuals and groups to combat the kind of exclusionary “systemic racism” that has been illegal to practice in the United States since the 1960s. However, in doing this they are effectively perpetuating the only kind of codified systemic racism — euphemistically labeled “affirmative action” — that has survived since that era.

Mainstream "black and brown" supremacy has likewise spilled over into politics for decades. Just last year, one of the two qualifying factors for being considered for the position of Vice President of the United States for the Democrat party was "black or brown" skin pigmentation (the other was female biology). Indeed, over 100 black mainstream power brokers including, among others, Ben Crump, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Charlemagne tha God, Cedric the Entertainer, and Van Jones threatened to effectuate the withholding of the black community's support for then-Democrat POTUS nominee Joe Biden if he failed to make his Vice President selection based upon the aforementioned immutable biological factors. As we now know, the prize went to Kamala Harris solely for possessing these two biological traits. Otherwise, that her qualifications as a talented politician were lacking is evidenced by the fact that, despite being widely considered as one of the early favorites for the Democrat POTUS primary, she dropped out of the race before it reached her home state of California since she was projected to lose California by a landslide. Furthermore, conclusively proving the absurdity of left-wing racial essentialism, according to an essay written in 2018 by Kamala Harris’ father Donald Harris, a Stanford University emeritus professor in economics, the Harris family descended from slave owner Hamilton Brown, who happens to be the namesake of a Jamaican town where Brown held hundreds of slaves. Fortunately for Kamala, her present-day skin color effectively absolves any connection that she might otherwise have to her ancestors’ actual complicity in systems of oppression. This good fortune, of course, is not available to whites where complicity in ancestral sins attaches per the dictates of antiracism and CRT, regardless of whether white people's ancestors participated in, or were the beneficiaries of, slavery or other oppressive practices.

Likewise, Lori Lightfoot, the black lesbian female Mayor of Chicago — the 3rd largest city in the US with a population exceeding 2.5M people - recently announced that she would only be granting one-on-one political interviews to “journalists of color.” That’s right, if you are a journalist who was born with white skin, the Mayor of the third largest city in the United States will not grant you an interview in 2021. Despite receiving criticism over this announcement even from ethnic minority-led groups, Mayor Lightfoot doubled down on per position, chastising news organizations for not hiring more “journalists of color” in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Imagine anyone else not in the same power position within the "matrix of oppression" as Lori Lightfoot proclaiming that they will grant interviews only to journalists of a particular race and, furthermore, scolding media outlets to replace existing journalists with those of a more desirable race. Mainstream media talking heads would most assuredly disintegrate.

Leto Atreides II, God Emperor of Dune, refuses to tolerate the Bene Gesserit witches. J/k, that's Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who refuses to do interviews with white people (Image credit: Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune).

That there is still a Congressional Black Caucus in existence today, and that members of this self-segregated group hold themselves out as the “Conscience of the Congress,” is a testament to the modern mainstreaming of ethnic supremacy. Indeed, present and former members of the Caucus who drive the Democrat party, including James Clyburn (widely recognized as THE politician solely responsible for Biden winning the 2020 Democrat primary race), Maxine Waters (who, on the weekend before the Chauvin jury deliberated on April 19, 2021, flew to Minneapolis and threatened left-wing violence if Chauvin was not convicted of murder for the death of George Floyd), and former two-term POTUS Barack Obama have all proudly cavorted with Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam. In fact, in March 2018, media outlet Daily Caller reached out to all then-21 members of the CBC (including Clyburn and Waters) to request denunciation of Louis Farrakhan’s openly racist rhetoric and ideology. No members of CBC were willing to denounce Farrakhan at that time.

NOI ties also run deep within the COW’s communist BLM direct action arm. In December 2018 in this writer’s hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, local Black Lives Matter leaders coordinated with local Nation of Islam leaders to hold a segregated rally (black only) at local Nation of Islam Mosque #69 following the police shooting of an armed black man, Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford, Jr., who was involved in a gunfight at a crowded mall late during the evening of Thanksgiving 2018. This meeting was filmed and streamed (copied here) on the local minister’s public Facebook page. The meeting began with an NOI imam leading the crowd through chants of “Black Power!” During the meeting, a young local agitator who apparently has ties to Farrakhan promoted the idea that local black citizens should be paid thousands by the city of Birmingham for building black only communities and commerce centers around the city. Attorney Ben Crump — who represents families across the country in every high profile police use of force case involving a an alleged black victim (a testament to how statistically rare these incidents actually are) — was one of the last speakers introduced during this rally. Crump began his segment by praising “Minister” Louis Farrakhan for the wise “counsel” he apparently has provided to Crump over the years.

Neo-segregation is not limited to NOI and finds a warm home within COW’s critical race theory teachings. CRT advocates call for “racial affinity groups” or RAGs, where whites within government agencies and corporations are expected to “do the work” and engage in struggle sessions denouncing their implicit racism and “white privilege” outside the presence of people of color, who are then freed from “invasive whiteness” and any obligation to “re-traumatize” themselves by having to educate whites about their painful lived-experiences caused by what NOI would describe as the "white mongrels."

In the wake of George Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020, the ethnic supremacy promoted by COW through its anticism and critical race theory programming began rapidly infiltrating mainstream evangelical denominations. On June 8, 2020 the United Methodist Church Council of Bishops issued a statement on “the Scourge of Racism” imploring congregants to “read all they can on the subject of anti-racism” and listen to a podcast featuring the [admittedly racist] antiracism founder, Ibram X. Kendi. During the podcast hosted by Brene Brown, media darling Kendi, who 2 months later would receive $10 million from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to fund “antiracism research,” discussed how, in 2020, “black people are experiencing an American nightmare.” Kendi went on to preach that “the heartbeat of antiracism is confession of racism,” and that “the heartbeat of racism is denial,” and that “denying that oneself is racist is racist.” During the June 3, 2020 podcast, Kendi suggested that all white men are proud card-carrying members of the NRA who own guns because of their belief that they are struggling due to immigrants and people of color. That’s right, Kendi is an unapologetic racist bigot. And Kendi doesn't shy from openly promoting racist policies, which he euphemistically refers to as “antiracist” polices.” In fact, Kendi is of the “two wrongs make a right” persuasion. In his “How to be an Antiracist” book, Kendi states that “the only remedy for past discrimination is present discrimination,” and “the only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

Read "How to be an Antiracist" to learn how Henry Rogers grew up in a wealthy home with two hard-working professional parents, attended numerous private schools, hated white people so much that he dumped his "light-skinned" black girlfriend at his HBCU, and was so oppressed by whiteness that he assumed the "liberation name" of Ibram Xolani Kendi.

Indeed, this intellectually bankrupt Kafkaesque ideology adopted by mainstream evangelical denominations is exactly the kind of totalitarianism promoted by Kendi when he calls for a Constitutional amendment that would create an unelected, non-politically appointed “Department of Antiracism” within the United States government where “formally trained experts on racism” would serve to police and discipline anybody who promotes “racist policy and ideas.” Of course, Kendi defines “racist policies and ideas” as literally anything that results in racial inequity (i.e., inequality of outcome). Therefore, if racialized group inequality emerges from a free market economy, the free market economy is unconstitutional. If racial inequality emerges from standardized testing, standardized testing is unconstitutional. If your objective hiring practices result in racial inequality, your business is unconstitutional. If your church attendance demonstrates racial inequality, your church is unconstitutional. If the way you dress evidences racial inequality, your clothes violate the Constitution. If the way you think evidences racial inequity, you violate the Constitution. It goes without saying that all of this is enforced one way against those who are capable of “whiteness," and, in accordance with the teachings of NOI and COW, “black and brown” citizens are always encouraged and rewarded for self-segregating. Effectively Kendi advocates for a Constitutional amendment that would formally enshrine communism in the United States enforced by an untouchable panel of totalitarian “experts on racism.” Leon Trotsky, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, and Howard Zinn would likely be very proud.

Even more troubling is that school teachers across the country are presenting the racist ideology of antiracism and CRT as truth to thousands of students and their parents, where white students and parents are compelled - contrary to the First Amendment — to confess that they are perpetuating “systemic racism” by virtue of merely existing, and that they must “abolish” their whiteness. Meanwhile, public school administrations are forcing this programming upon teachers who are compelled to confess to “spirit murdering” black children, further necessitating that these white teachers must somehow “bankrupt [their] privilege." Indeed, white teachers are being compelled to confess that they are “racist” “parasitic [especially if male]” “colonizers” and told by administrators to force the ideology of antiracism onto children despite parental opposition.

The mass cram-down of this ethnic supremacist ideology by the left in government, media, education, church, and industry has real world implications. As we already discussed, if you happen to have black or brown skin and you desire to do business legally in the US, corporate America has bags of cash waiting to send your way to reward you for your immutable biology. Likewise, if you desire to go the less than legal route — say you allegedly steal $820 from a woman while holding her at gunpoint, don’t want to pay a poor 19 year old black store clerk for a pack of cigs after spending the day getting blasted on illegal drugs, desire to violate a court order and harass a woman that you allegedly raped two months prior, or threaten to kill your family and then attack police with a knife — this is also very profitable behavior assuming you possess the requisite skin color and resist arrest once you're caught. Daunte Wright, who resisted arrest after a traffic stop revealed an outstanding warrant for aggravated robbery, netted his family over $1M via GoFundMe. George Floyd, who resisted arrest after ingesting a toxic cocktail of fentanyl and methamphetamine and defrauding a black 19-year old store clerk, netted his family nearly $20M via three separate GoFundMe campaigns. Jacob Blake, who returned to the home of his alleged rape victim and resisted arrest with a knife, netted himself nearly $2.5M via GoFundMe. Walter Wallace Jr., who decided to attack police with a knife after his family called the police for a domestic disturbance, netted his family nearly $200,000.00.

So how did unarmed white victims of police shootings in 2020 (there were more than 20 total) fare compared to the aforementioned black victims who died or were injured while actively resisting arrest? Well, the white victims — of whom you’ve probably never heard mentioned on a mainstream media platform (I previously discussed some of these cases in an article covering modern day systemic racism) — were effectively goose egged. Channing Spivey, an unarmed white man suffering from a mental disturbance following brain surgery to remove cancer, who was unarmed and shot and killed by an off duty police officer in Luverne, AL, his family did not receive so much as a dime through GoFundMe. Trevor Seever, an unarmed white male who was given exactly half a second to raise his hands before being gunned down by police in Modesto, California, did not have a GoFundMe, so his family received $0. Joshua Sarrett, an unarmed white man who was swiftly gunned down at his home in Auburn, Washington while attempting to pull up his sagging pants, faired slightly better than the other white victims and netted his family $6,000 GoFundMe bucks. Nicholas Bils, a white male who was apparently practicing his golf putting in a park closed due to COVID-19 restrictions in San Diego, CA, and was arrested for his trouble and later gunned down and killed while running away from police after jumping out of an open squad car window, did not have a GoFundMe. Zach Gifford, an unarmed white man who was similarly gunned down in the back while running away from police in Brandon, CO, did not have a GoFundMe.

Comparing the GoFundMe totals of the combined four black victims mentioned above who were all killed or injured while actively resisting arrest in 2020 to the subset of five unarmed white victims, only two of whom were running away from police (i.e., resisting) and shot in the back, the black victims netted $23.7 MILLION dollars for their families compared to the $6,000 dollars netted by the 5 combined white victims for their families. How does the “white privilege” work again? Indeed, it proved so lucrative to be the victim of police violence in 2020 (so long as you possessed the requisite color) that black and brown gangs in Chicago were actively seeking to provoke and film police violence in order to elicit national media attention and money through GoFundMe campaigns.

Of course, showering people of color with benefits not available to Farrakhan’s white mongrels goes far beyond American corporations, government bureaucracies, and GoFundMe campaigns. Volumes could be written about the affirmative action benefits available to black and brown civilians in school admissions and hiring practices across the country. In fact, former Asian-American NFL offensive lineman Eugene Chung was recently told that he was not the “right” kind of minority while interviewing for NFL coaching positions during the 2021 off-season in a league where apparently when teams hire the “right” kind of minorities for coaching positions, pursuant to the “Rooney Rule,” such teams are awarded extra draft picks.

So far as this writer can tell, only two conclusions can be drawn about the political party that incubates, and, moreover, promotes the openly racist ideologies of COW, and whose members openly galavant with unabashedly racist NOI leaders like Louis Farrkhan: either the Democrat party is fully on board with the obvious “black and brown” ethnic ascendancy promoted by these ideologies, or else the Democrat party truly believes that the “black and brown” members within its party are incapable of abiding by the same race-neutral, objective standards of behavior, achievement, and decency to which all other Americans are expected to adhere. Either way, whether the Democrat party is promoting ethnic supremacy of a “black and brown” ascendant class, or else believes that “black and brown” citizens by virtue of their skin color are incapable of adhering to race neutral objective standards that apply to Americans who are not “of color,” the party is tacitly revealing that little has changed since the time when it was the “progressive” eugenics party of Woodrow Wilson and the KKK. Perhaps it sill is. Indeed, notorious white supremacist Richard Spencer — likely exasperated by the uptick of racial minority support garnered by the GOP incumbent Donald Trump during the lead up to the last POTUS election — stated that he was voting straight Democrat in 2020. There is a third option, however, which is that Democrat leaders and party influencers are too stupid to grasp the truly racist nature of the ideologies and policies that they embrace. Alas, they are not stupid people. Democrats know exactly what they are doing.


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