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The BREATHE Act or Unconditional Wartime Surrender

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

With over $90 million raised in 2020, Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is putting its newfound riches to work. One of its new projects involves drafting and lobbying for the passage of legislation known as The BREATHE Act. BLM and its legacy media propagandists are promoting only the #DefundThePolice aspect of this legislation while neglecting to mention that it further envisions fundamentally altering the fabric of US domestic and foreign policy from minimum wage laws and reparations to nuclear missile defense.

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) isn’t your black bloc wearing genderqueer green-haired nephew’s fringe social justice movement anymore. This openly Marxist organization raised over $90 million in 2020. With individual donations averaging over $30 per pledge in addition to the woke oligarchy comprised of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Walmart, Coke, and Shipt, among others, flooding BLM’s coffers with cash, BLM has metamorphosed into an institution. And that’s according to BLM’s own 2020 Impact Report — it now considers itself an institution. Thanks to its benefactors, BLM is rapidly mobilizing its vast new resources to pass legislation that would dismantle the sovereignty of the United States of America.

Remember #DefundThePolice? With its newfound loot, one of BLM’s many goals for 2021 involves lobbying for the passage of #DefundThePolice legislation drafted in coordination with the National Conference of Black Lawyers and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, known as The BREATHE Act. To describe The BREATHE Act, BLM set up a webpage under one its affiliates — Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) — that provides a short, easily digestible four-bullet-point summary:

Reflexive legislation referencing and addressing George Floyd’s tragic death sounds innocent and appropriate enough considering the public’s manipulated reaction last May, right? Well, The BREATHE Act is actually a 128 page bill akin to terms of unconditional surrender that might have been hammered down by a fascist superpower in Warsaw circa 1939 after the Invasion of Poland. As often and as loudly as BLM portrays its representative members as a coalition of oppressed and powerless victims, one might question BLM’s alleged “victimhood” status after reading the text of the The BREATHE Act. It would be easy to mistake this proposed legislation as a list of demands and privileges promulgated by, and for, a group of ascendant and incalcitrant conquerors holding the leavers to disarm their enemies and force their enemies to fund the occupation of new authoritarian management.

Despite the fact that over 80% of black Americans wish to retain existing levels of policing or increase policing according to an August 2020 Gallup poll, one part of The BREATHE Act involves completely dismantling police presence across the country. Since many media outlets have already reported on what this means — essentially removing police officers from communities, schools, colleges, state buildings, and federal buildings, and replacing them with “neighbors” who will function as community safety officers (CSOs) with authority to engage in “non-punitive and non-carceral” forms of policing — this article will focus mostly on some of the lesser-known dreck littering the the bill.

But yes, rather than trained police officers policing neighborhoods, who better than megalomaniacal neighborhood association types flaunting state-sanctioned authority keeping their communities in line? Well, perhaps not exactly -- the BREATHE Act sets out specific requirements for CSOs that may or may not be satisfied by the typical type-A Karen itching to dole out shame to the pesky neighbors whose painted mailbox flag isn’t the requisite shade of Candy Apple. Also, repress that intuition — community policing probably won’t resemble anything like how communist China spied on its citizens and enforced its “one-child” policy through October 29, 2015.

More "HOA Karens" threatening "non-punitive and non-carceral" retribution in a community near you courtesy of The BREATHE Act.

So who will be staffing these Community Safety Offices under The BREATHE Act? The Act requires that 50% of the CSO staff be: “individuals who have been detained or incarcerated within the state within the last 5 years; individuals currently on probation or parole; individuals who have been arrested within the past year; individuals who use drugs; individuals who have been homeless or have faced housing insecurity; or Black, Latinx, and Indigenous youth and other youth of color.” Yep, your CSO — per the BREATHE Act — will be determined by his or her age and skin color, or, better yet, might be the homeless heroin junky who resumed leaving needles and poop on your sidewalk after serving a three month stint for stealing and selling the copper coiling in your A/C unit.

You may have also read “non-punitive and non-carceral policing” and wondered what that entails. The 128 page Breathe Act never defines these terms, but rest assured that the Act creates plenty of federal task forces that will. The Act is also careful to specify the qualifications for who can sit on these task forces. For instance, 50% of the members of the task force for repealing drug and prostitution laws must use drugs, have hepatitis B or C, or be HIV positive. And no, you did not misread the previous sentence, part of The BREATHE Act involves repealing loads of criminal laws, including all laws proscribing prostitution, illicit drug use, failure to pay child support, terrorism, assault, theft, gang-related crime, and criminal complicity, just to name a few. All one needs do to qualify for the task force is attest to the occasional (or frequent) nose candy use.

In addition to removing vast swaths of police personnel, The BREATHE Act calls for the removal and destruction of “military-grade” police weapons so that these tools are no longer available for personnel who are left. Furthermore, the Act suspends funding for police protective equipment such as bullet proof vests. Presumably the drafters assume that America will be gun-free prior to the Act's passage or that police officers will be expected to buy their own expensive body armor — LEOs might better afford such equipment with the Universal Basic Income that The BREATHE Act would provide! (More on this below).

What about federal law enforcement agencies? The BREATHE Act would completely abolish the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Likewise, it would remove law enforcement authority from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and convert the Bureau for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) from an immigration enforcement agency to an environmental protection, humanitarian aid, and border rescue agency. That’s right, #DefundThePolice also means abolishing immigration enforcement, removing all limits on immigration, and completely dismantling deportation laws — in other words: #DefundThePolice means wide open borders.

You may not have anticipated this, but #DefundThePolice also means crippling United States’ military defense capability. Indeed, The BREATHE Act creates a pathway for eliminating the United States’ nuclear weapons arsenal, ceases the development of new military weapons, ends research and development into military space defense, halts the production of new military aircraft, and targets the removal of US military presence from African and Middle Eastern nations.

Furthermore, the BREATHE Act encompasses domestic policy far beyond policing. It calls for massive funding increases to public schools, HBCUs, and public housing projects granting funding preference to “Black, Latinx, and Indigenous” recipients. The Act institutes a monthly stipend for released prisoners that pays for housing, transportation, and food, adjusted for geographic market and whether the prisoner has dependents. It also funds a series of business grants and loans that favor recipients who are currently or formerly incarcerated, or who have poor credit histories. The Act would completely remove fees and forgive debt accrued through the criminal justice justice system.

Man applying for BREATHE Act Loan: "I'd like to start a retail chain specializing in 'herbal supplements and human companionship.' Just got out on bond for felony theft, my credit score is 325, and I do drugs." Banker: "Are you Black, Latinx, or Indigenous?" Man: "No, but I forgot to mention that I have several STDs, including HIV." Banker: "Congratulations, you're approved!"

"Surely you were kidding when you mentioned Yang-gang-branded Universal Basic Income?" No. The BREATHE Act mandates an undisclosed amount of UBI for everyone in addition to the passage of the Green New Deal. On top of UBI and a $51 trillion Green New Deal, the The BREATHE Act establishes a Universal Child Benefit authorizing the government to pay individuals and families $500/month per child under the age of 6, and $400/month per child age 6 to 18. Also established for families under the Act is Universal Child Care. Mandatory annual 18-week paid family and sick leave for all full and part-time employees? The BREATHE Act mandates this as well as a $24 per hour minimum wage.

A massive Marxist redistributive overhaul of the United States would not be complete without reparations. Who gets reparations under the Breathe Act? Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, transgender, disabled people, individuals directly and indirectly impacted by “The War on Drugs,” and immigrants would be entitled to reparations. Although no reparation amounts are currently specified in the Act, there’s a task force for that.

Naturally, The BREATHE Act requires a massive theft (…er, tax code changes) to pay for all of these handouts. This includes a staged wealth tax on anyone with a net worth greater than $25,000,000.00, levying a 2% tax rate at the “low” range and an “8%” tax rate at the “high” range. For instance, for someone whose net worth of $25,000,000.00 is made up mostly of stocks and real estate investments (not liquid cash), a 2% wealth tax would require that person to pay $500,000.00 out of pocket per year on top of their existing tax liabilities. The Act also mandates a capital gains tax on all investments held by a tax payer who earns more than $250,000.00 per year. The Act would restore a 35% corporate income tax and abolish all corporate tax incentives. The Act also levies a massive death tax on any estate worth more than $3.5 million. An estate valued at $1 billion would be taxed at a the highest 77% rate under The BREATHE Act. One could write an entire treatise on exactly why and how a wealth tax would deal a devastatingly fatal blow to the American economy.

128 pages of #DefundThePolice includes so much more, including the establishment of a “Commission on Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation,” that would erect re-education camps … [sorry] ... [checks notes] ... “listening sessions” … in jurisdictions nationwide. At these “listening sessions,” Americans would be brainwashed with curricula emphasizing the following:

How the American institution of slavery represents intentional and blatant violations of every American's most basic right to a free and decent life; how the consequences of these oppressions have cascaded across generations for centuries to the descendants of the oppressed…; how the Civil Rights movement was sabotaged and rendered transitory and unsustainable, actually further embedding white supremacy in America…; how other countries have reckoned with racial injustice…; how social science, medical science, and artificial intelligence reveal that systemic racism is a threat to democracy…

Clearly any historical criticism of a country like the United States that happens to find itself in the cross-hairs of raging Marxists for disintegration and destruction must be deceptive and myopic. It is essential for Marxist organizations like BLM to falsely paint America’s sins as unique, deliberately ignoring the generations of genocidal colonialism and human trafficking that existed in regions across Africa long before the Americas were “colonized” by Columbus, that continued to exist during “American” slavery and Jim Crow, and remains common -- even to this day in African countries like Mauritania long after the United States vanquished its malicious forms of exclusionary institutionalized racism and adopted more insidious forms of institutionalized soft bigotry like affirmative action.

Of course The BREATHE Act would not be complete without mandating universal mail-in voting with no government-issued ID or notary authentication requirement. Not including the unknown costs of establishing Universal Basic Income, Universal Child Benefit, Universal Child Care, Reparations, the passage of the Green New Deal, the programs listed within the BREATHE Act with known costs add up to just under $1.3 trillion dollars of new spending.

While we can hope that the likelihood of such an unconditional surrender being passed through the House and Senate is low, the United States is trending rapidly toward left-wing radicalism and authoritarianism. In addition to the BREATHE Act’s existing sponsors, who include “squad” members Ayanna Pressley (D. MA) and Rashida Tlaib (D. MI), BLM put part of its $90 million to work to win more House seats in the US Congress. BLMGNF was instrumental in funding and promoting the winning campaigns of Cori Bush (D. MO), Jamaal Bowman (D. NY), and Nikema Williams (D. GA). BLM essentially grew the radical left-wing beating heart and vanguard of the Democrat party of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D. NY), Ilhan Omar (D. MN), Ayanna Pressley, (D. MA) and Rashida, Tlaib (D. MI) — “The Squad” — from a four person team to a seven person team.

Remember -- next time you come across that Vox or CNN article, ABC talking head, or your black bloc wearing genderqueer platinum-haired niece proclaiming that #DefundThePolice is simply about redirecting resources to community policing, these useful idiots are either lying and propagandizing on behalf of BLM, or they failed to read beyond the short bullet point summary of The BREATHE Act provided on BLM’s M4BL website. #DefundThePolice is the unconditional surrender of the United States to Marxist globalist interests.

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